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In the past 10 years, we seize historical opportunities brought by the rapid development of China's reform and opening up and electronic industry, adhere to the customer as the center, reliable product oriented, solution for the customer provides components one-stop shopping and services, to win the respect and trust of customers. From a based in China's Shenzhen Huaqiang North of entrepreneurial companies and robust growth, several well-known brand product line agents, customers all over the electronic pathway in a number of countries and regions in the world, and solutions provider.

As a leading electronics components and wireless applications / touch solution provider, we for customers to provide rich competitive products and technology innovation, to help customers succeed in the field of intelligent wireless applications. We adhere to the professional and dedicated product strategy, in the field of wireless products transitive networking, touch and smart consumer electronics, bio medical equipment continues to import product and solution to extend. Driven by customer demand and cutting-edge technology, the company is always in the forefront of the industry, and thus promotes and supports the customer's product innovation and company development..

We are convinced that: the future society is an interconnected society, for customers, for the society to provide more intelligent, convenient and reliable products, is the primary value of our existence, we will work hard!
We uphold the integrity management, cooperation and win-win service purposes, to provide customers with the following products and services:

1 component supply, design assistance and technical support for wireless products;
2 touch chip and peripheral components supply, program development services;
3 smart home (lighting, switches, security) product development program;
4 electronic components, one-stop procurement (including global procurement, with a single)